Super Lutein Testimonial
May 17, 2017

I started cosuming Super Lutein after my first child. I had serious backaches after that. I tried other products before but not much improvement. I didn’t realized at that time, consuming Super Lutein can also improve my eyesight. I just needed a supplement to help me with my backache. After consuming for about six months, I actually forgot about my back pain (it didn’t bother me at all). My eye sight improved so much till now, I do not need to wear glasses anymore.

After consuming the product on a daily basis, my breast milk increased a lot when I had my second child. I was able to feed him until age 5.

I also see a difference in both my sons. My first son’s immune system is not as strong as my second son. This is due to the fact that I only started taking Super Lutein after my first child was born. When my first son got the hand, foot and mouth disease at age 5, my second son was totally free from the disease.

I am a strong believer in Super Lutein.

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