Nuzell – 5 boxes! SPECIAL!

RM850.00 RM600.00

Get rid of those pimples once and for all!

Get 5 boxes of Nuzell with our special pricing! Revitalizing your skin with 300,000 mg ingredients in a box! One box has 20 sachets. 


Get 5 boxes with a special price? Why not get them for your 5 months period OR get them together with your friends and make extra savings!

Revitalizing your skin with 300,000 mg ingredients in a box!

+ Brightening
+ Reduced joint pain
+ Delaying skin aging
+ Skin firming and lifting
+ Extending skin cells’ vitality
+ Increasing the skin’s UV tolerance
+ Improved skin moisture and hydration
+ Generates new tissue and renews the skin longer
+ Lighter/brighter skin appearance and reduction in “age spots”

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The Main Essences for Nuzell are APPLE STEM CELL, GRAPES STEM CELL, MARINE COLLAGEN with four types of berries.

Nuzell product comes with distinguished certification.

To read more about Nuzell, please check out this page

Additional information

Weight 2.15 kg
Dimensions 19.23 × 34.25 × 13.4 cm

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