iLife Solid Pipe Connection


Best way to unclog a drain. No more slow drain. No more water blockage.


Become your own plumber.

NO more worries about any sewer and drain blockage problems. You don’t need any plumbing contractors to solve your drainage problem.

You may have questions like “How to unclog a shower drain?” or “How to unclog a sink?” The answer is here.

You can now easily solve and clear all the stubborn clogged sewer by pouring in some of the iLife Solid Pipe Connection and watch how effective this product is. No more using the plunger.

It took only 30 minutes to clear this drainage pipe.

Blockage issues such as human hair which often clogs the pipeline and get it done in just 30 minutes without hurting your hands. This totally save you time and cost without hiring any plumber and safe to use!!

Say bye-bye to drain blockage!

.绿叶 爱生活固体管道通 268gm @ RM 12.00 为你搞定头痛问题 (下水道堵塞别着急!!)

.爱生活固体管道通,溶解时产生的物质,可以更好地分解堵塞物,让你轻松疏通堵塞的管道,解决因堵塞引起的各种问题,特别是头发堵塞 (能在30分钟内溶解掉)。家庭管道在不堵塞的情况下也可以使用。轻松分解管道璧上残留的各种垃圾,经常使用轻松告别堵塞照顾双手。今天来个下单吧!

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Weight 0.35 kg
Dimensions 8 × 8 × 14 cm

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