Greenleaf SEALUXE Gold Brightening Cream


This 50g cream is worth every dollar you spend to brighten your skin. All natural!


An important reason to maintain and care for our delicate skin concept is to apply Greenleaf Sealuxe Gold Brightening Cream, WHY?? Because it contains tiny gold foil that always keeps our skin in the best condition!! This small 50g has so many miracle properties in it!

The Benefits of Gold Brightening Cream :
1) Gold foil helps in lifting, firming and tightening
2) Moisturizes smooth skin
3) Glossy skin
4) Moisture our skin
5) Maintain collagen production, to stable and maintain skin firmness
6) Rejuvenate youthfulness
7) Deep nourishing
8) Bouncy skin
9) Rich in galactomannan-rich purpura extracts
10) Smooth skin
11) Restore skin youthfulness
12) Lighten wrinkles
13) Balance skin tone
14) Reduce skin dullness and tiredness

The eyes are the most vulnerable to fatigue and aging, therefore our eyes need some special care by applying some cream, you will be surprised to see the result when you know how the gold foil works!!

Additional information

Weight 0.07 kg
Dimensions 11 × 9 × 11 cm

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