Greenleaf iLife Night Sanitary Pads (360mm)


6 pieces in 1 unit/package
For those, we need a longer night sanitary pads


iLife Night Sanitary pad with 360mm measurement is specially created for night users who prefer their night sanitary pad to be longer. Other than that, our technology is the same with full protection and no leakage during the nights.

This is all-natural, pure cotton, NO FLORESCENT AGENTS, no plastic materials and even with ion chips to absorb all the heat and unwanted scent. And this is not the only thing! Due to the reason that our iLife Sanitary Pad has so many functions, we have dedicated a page to explain why our sanitary pad is the only pad you will ever use. (Danger! This is quite a long page but very informative)
In summary, these are the benefits:
Greenleaf iLife “Far-infrared Anion Nano-Silver Magnetic Chip” sanitary napkin (have you seen a chip on your sanitary napkin before??)
1) 100% soft cotton surface. The fast-dry soft cotton surface, comfortable and cooling
2) Far-infrared Anion Nano-Silver Magnetic Chip, through a physical process, to achieve eliminating odor effect and etc..
3) Super soft and dust-free paper, 360° fully wrap-up the water absorption factor to avoid leakage
4) Strong water absorption factor, always keep the surface dry
5) Unique professional diversion layer, powerful absorption function anti-leakage.
6) Breathable membrane, reduce dampness, sultry, and feel fresh always
7) Unique release paper
8) NO fluorescent agent, purify body physical environment without irritating or harming the skin
9) Release paper, striped adhesive design, in line with ergonomic


Additional information

Weight 0.25 kg
Dimensions 18 × 6 × 10 cm

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