The Hally Shop Greenleaf
Want to go green with your daily routine? (Let us tell you 3000 ways! And still counting!)

No this has nothing to do with Avengers Endgame’s “I love you 3000.” Our Greenleaf beauty products really have 3000 products under its umbrella and growing so rapidly, you will not believe how fast we are growing! (We can’t even keep up with when listing the products here. Please bear with us!)

The Hally Shop Greenleaf
So in short, how did Greenleaf come about? The passion of wanting to formulate world-class products in the last 20 years, Greenleaf successfully cooperated with international Italian cosmetics giant, INTERCOS GROUP and Switzerland CRB – Swiss National Skin Care Research Center. This cooperation jointly devoted to high-end research and development and thus creating high quality in the cosmetics industry.

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The Hally Shop Greenleaf

With major cooperation, Greenleaf Science and Tech group are now located in a total area of 4800m² and a total construction area of 106,800 square meters. This center is now certified with ISO9001 and international GMP. This entire place is also certified with a clean standard of manufacturing workshop with grades 100,000 and 10,000.

Ok, so many numbers and so many certifications, we know that Greenleaf only produces products that are of high quality with affordable pricing. Within just a few years, Greenleaf has so many brands under its umbrella:
SEALUXE, iLife, Kardli, Carich, Nilrich, Chanery, Green-Pai, Easy-Love

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We could bore you with more facts about Greenleaf but let’s get right to the 10 facts why Greenleaf is the BEST current products in the market right now.
1. High-quality products
2. Green products and eco-friendly
3. Natural products
4. Safe
5. Own manufacturing facility which means affordability
6. A very small investment to start this business
7. You do NOT need to keep stock
8. More and more savings
9. Ever growing of choices for products
10. A win-win situation for all
11. The intelligent warehousing with automation and the Internet of Things to help improve the quality service of Greenleaf products.

We at The Hally Shop feel deeply that this is the way to go with high-quality products at an affordable price! Furthermore, all Greenleaf products are necessity products we use every day. Why do we need to buy everyday products that we are not 100% sure of the safety? Why are we using our bodies as test beds for products that could be using harmful chemicals?

Join us today! Use our products and you will see major changes in your health. We tried and we are 100% sure and satisfied with our decision to change to Greenleaf products! Where can you find green products with affordable pricing (so similar or even cheaper to all the other necessary products in the market) and when you become our member, you can even get more savings! You can’t go wrong with The Hally Shop Greenleaf Mall products!

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