Why the High Pricing on The Hally Shop

A lot of people asked us about two things:
1. Why the high price?
2. Why so few products?
Let’s answer this one at a time.

Our pricing is pretty high compared to many websites out there selling beauty and care products. Sincerely, our answer to you is that our products are justified. We take care in providing the best products with the best results. Good products do not show the results immediately. (If you have used any products that shows the results quite immediately, then something is wrong with the product!). We are not referring to any products out there but do take care with what you take in or use externally.

*Please take note that the brands we carry do not have all the awards/certification stated above. Each brand has its specific recognition. To view this, please browse through our individual product pages.

Our products comes with lots of certification that shows that these products are safe to use. Our very first level of testing is that the factories that produces these products are GMP and ISO certified. This is actually the first level of test that we at The Hally Shop uses. With GMP and ISO, firstly we know the products are produced in a very clean environment and secondly, the factories follows a Standard Operating Procedure to produce the products.

We take pride in our products so much so we are also the users of these products! Yes, you heard it right. We are so confident in the products we sell that we are actually the ones taking them. The results we gain and see, is second to none. The tremendous after effect we gain is so much more than what we expect.

In the coming weeks, we will be writing on actual cases of clients taking our products and what they gained from it. We call it our “Case Studies”.

Some of you may say that “We have seen your products on other websites too and selling much cheaper!”. We agree there are other websites that sells similar products out there. However don’ expect anything more than the products you get. At The Hally Shop, we make guarantees that other websites don’t.

Our guarantees:
1. Our products are REAL.
Don’t loose out on your money because its cheaper. It may be FAKE products. For those who have been cheated before, knows what we are talking about.

2. Our products do not EXPIRE next month!
We make sure the products that you buy do not expire the next month! You need the time to eat them or use them. We know. We are users too.

3. Our customer service is handled by real people!
Yes, when you send us emails, we have auto-responders, but if you ask us questions, we will answer them from a real person. Some questions could be sensitive or even in depth, so we take one question at a time and we answer you as truthful as possible. (Of course some general questions, we will post them on our website so you could get your answers immediately! This will come soon.)

So in summary:
What are our products expensive?
We only recommend our clients GOOD and SAFE products with high certification.

Why we do not have many products?
Because of our first level of certification that needs to be met (GMP and ISO certificates), we will only look at products that comes from factories that have at least these two certificates. We have other levels of testing to make sure that the products we sell are top notch. We do not populate our web store because we want to sell anything under the sun, but we take pride in selling only the “GOOD STUFF!”

Check out our products in our SAFE environment!

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