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Becoming a Greenleaf Member!

To be a Greenleaf member is pretty easy. So you want to get all the discounts when buying these products right? Let us tell you in a nutshell.


To be a lifetime member, your investment is RM1510, one time only. (Everyone can be a member. You can be from any country in the world and you can still be our member! We will inform you of the lifetime membership in your currency for anyone who is interested!) To continue enjoying this lifetime membership, all you need to do is spend RM150 only within a year and you are set.


So what happens to your money? Wait! This is NOT your typical company where they take your money and don’t give you anything. With your investment, you can either choose



 FOR FREE!!! (see below).


The Hally Shop Greenleaf Member Products

These are the items you will get in SET A
1. Greenleaf Sealuxe Light Genesis 4 piece set, (global high-end skincare) (Mind you, you can’t buy this in the market!)
– Sealuxe Hydra Genesis Comfort Cleanser, 100gm x 1
– Sealuxe Hydra Genesis Nourishing Toner, 120ml x 1
– Sealuxe Hydra Genesis Deepsea Infusion, 60ml x 1
– Sealuxe Hydra Genesis Moisturising Fortifier, 50gm x 1
2. Greenleaf iLife Plant Multi-function Cleaner, (500gm x 2) x 1 set (household product)
3. Greenleaf iLife Multi-action Laundry Detergent, 1000ml x 1 (household product)
4. Greenleaf iLife Bamboo 3 ply Facial Tissue, 130pcs x 1 (household product)
5. Greenleaf iLife Sanitary Pad – Day, 10pcs x 1 (personal care product)
6. Greenleaf iLife Natural Algae Toothpaste, 120gm x 1 (daily use product)

These are what you will get if you choose SET B
1. Greenleaf Sealuxe Youth Series-Intensive Booster, (0.8ml x 14 bottles) x 1 set (skincare product)
2. Greenleaf Sealuxe Ultimate Renewing Tightening Mask, (25ml x 4pcs) x 1 box (skincare product)
3. Greenleaf Carich Cool Algal Fluoride-free Toothpaste, 200gm x 1 (daily use product)
4. Greenleaf iLife Multi-action Laundry Detergent, 1000ml x 1 (household product)
5. Greenleaf Kardli Multi-function Electrolytic Water, 300ml x 1 (household product)
6. Greenleaf Carich Baby Cleansing Wipes, 80pcs x 1 (household product)
7. Greenleaf iLife Sanitary Pad – Day, 10pcs x 1 (personal care product)


But wait! You WILL ALSO GET vouchers worth RM6400 where you can use it when purchasing the products!  There are no expiry dates on these vouchers! How cool is that! So when you buy our products, you will get the membership price which is about 29-50% cheaper. (depends on products). You will then use the e-vouchers to pay the difference. (the e-vouchers were given FREE to you so you actually make a lot of savings)


Then, you can start using them personally or thinking of doing as a business? Keep reading. We tell you the ways below.


There are three ways to go about using this membership.


Number One – Being a user
If you become a member to take advantage of the incredible discounts, you are right to the point! Being a member, you can use the e-vouchers to pay the difference. It means, savings for you. So easy!


Number Two – Being a reseller
So you love Greenleaf so much that you want to sell this on our own! Cool! Being our member, you get all the discounts. So when you sell on your online website, just use the retail price. So when there is an order, buy the products from the nearest stockist, and send to your clients. The difference in pricing is your profit!


Number Three – Be that REAL member!
Greenleaf is not your typical direct marketing company. This is what you get:
– Lifetime membership! (make sure you spend only RM150 in a year)
– No renewals
– No monthly quota
– No monthly minimum sales

All you need is:
– only TWO recruits! (What??!!)
Yes, you only need two recruits and soon, you will be making money even while you sleep! And there are many more ways to make money. The line of bonuses is too long to put into words. Let us meet up and we can show you the entire table. No-fuss. No hard rules. Even if you don’t sign up, we can still be friends!

Want to know more? Text us using the Whatsapp icon at the bottom left corner of the website. We will walk you through. We succeed hand in hand.

You can also fill-up the form below and we will be in touch with you. Let us present you this opportunity. Where are you going to find a company that gives you a lifetime membership and doing business with products that are naturally certified, eco-friendly and safe from all those chemicals that harm our body? You have the answer right here.

If you already made up your mind to be our member, then “Welcome to our club!” Just use the form below, and in the message area, just type “I want to be a member NOW!”. We will contact you asap! It’s that easy!

**Please take note rules and regulations for this membership can change at any time from the headquarters. We will always make changes to this page based on any rules change. We are not held accountable for any rules and regulation change without any updates on this page.

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