Greenleaf iLife Solid Pipe Connection

No more drainage issues. Do it yourself clearing of water clogging or clogged sewer line

Greenleaf iLife Natural Seaweed Toothpaste

Natural Seaweed Toothpaste without Flouride!

Greenleaf Carich Ginger Foot Cream

Our NEW Ginger Foot Cream that can moist your feet!


Still looking for natural products that are safe and biodegradable? Greenleaf Beauty is your answer!


We are certified HALAL …again! Yea!


We are Protected.


Join thousands of happy customers. Start your transformation today.

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Green products that are safe and certified. Eco-friendly and no harmful chemicals.

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This lipstick lasted over 12 hours, I even tried scrubbing it off before the gym and wouldn't come off! Best long lasting lipstick and the best part is 80c from every $1 made off it goes to charity heart

Tahlia Jade August 29, 2017

Reviews on Greenleaf The Hally Shop

Bob Lee Hai Ching
Bob Lee Hai Ching
02:16 26 Aug 19
Greenleaf iLife Kitchen Oil Cleaner 500ml Perfect solution for all Cleaning Jobs........! Cheap , Effective and environment more
Claire Cheah
Claire Cheah
23:29 23 Aug 19
The environmental friendly products that preserves the long life of our Mother Earth ...
Ben Keong2 Ben
Ben Keong2 Ben
13:19 22 Aug 19
Wide product range.Goods received in good condition and its of high quality. Will continue support !!
Gillian Hooi
Gillian Hooi
13:15 22 Aug 19
The service and product is so nice ! Will recommend to my friend.
Shirley Hooi
Shirley Hooi
10:16 22 Aug 19
Good products and reliable. Worth buying.
Simon Lau
Simon Lau
03:38 05 Jun 19
Good service! (100% satisfaction!) Incredible green products! I will recommend my friends to The Hally Shop to buy Greenleaf beauty products! All my orders arrive in good condition! 2 Thumbs-up! The Hally Shop just sent the orders to me!read more
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